Training Curriculum

ABM Professional Training Curriculum

All training segments—10 segments of the NeuroMovement® Practitioner Training, four levels of the NeuroMovement® for Working with Children With Special Needs Continuing Education, two levels of NeuroMovement® for Vitality and Anti-Aging Continuing Education, and one level of NeuroMovement® for Working with High Performers Continuing Education—include group and one-on-one movement lessons (TML and FS), lectures, demonstrations, Q&As, viewing of live FS lessons, group discussions, and in-class supervised practice.

I have loved every
moment of the
training. It has
opened up a whole
new universe for me.
Sharon Tomsky,

Each segment or level focuses on one main functional subject. There are foundational underlying themes that reoccur and continue evolving in each of the segments. Every segment builds on the previous ones so the learning grows exponentially and integrates into one field.

The hands-on practice and group movement lessons introduced in each segment relate to the focus of the segment and build, over time, in their complexity and level of physical and cognitive skillfulness and refinement.

As trainees move through these segments, they gain knowledge of how the nervous system functions to organize action and how specific core ideas in the method can be applied to a multitude of situations and conditions.

By the end of each segment, trainees will have mastered an area of knowledge and practice in their own life and for future professional use.

You can learn more about whether the Anat Baniel Method International Training Programs are for you and begin experiencing and benefiting from the work right away by reading Anat Baniel’s books Move Into Life and Kids Beyond Limits, through ABM NeuroMovement® workshops, by ordering ABM NeuroMovement® DVD and CD programs, trying private sessions with an ABM NeuroMovement® Practitioner, and by watching ABM NeuroMovement® Lessons on You Tube.

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