Training Process

Transformational Movement LessonsIn every training segment, you will participate in an intensive experiential and intellectual process. You will experience and learn scores of Transformational Movement LessonsSM (TML – group movement lessons); a rich body of scientifically based, cutting-edge theory; Functional SynthesisSM individual sessions (FS – one-on-one movement lessons); demonstrations and practice.

You will immerse yourself in a process where you’ll repeatedly experience the impossible becoming possible, reaching new levels of freedom and refinement in your own movement, feeling, thinking and awareness. Your transformation and personal evolution are at the heart of the profound understanding and skills you will acquire to effectively and powerfully utilize when teaching others.

Each trainee will be personally supervised while in the process of developing the skills needed to facilitate the same kind of transformational changes in others.

Transformational Movement LessonsSM (TML): Movement lessons that can be taught in groups or individually. The lessons range from the very basic to the highly complex. The movements and their progression are designed to re-awaken the brain to create new connections and patterns that lead to breakthrough positive changes—physically, cognitively, and emotionally. They are taught in a functional progression so that they are performed with ease and are safe to do. Each movement lesson has a central theme, such as the ability to bend down, balance on one leg, improve dexterity of the hands etc., while always upgrading the underlying quality of the functioning of the brain itself and its ability to learn. Each lesson consists of a number of variations that provide the brain with new information with which it can readily create new patterns—patterns that lead to reduced injury, aches and pains and to improved performance. The speed and extent of positive changes are often surprising.

The training program is brilliantly designed for the maximum learning experience… Not only do I now have practical ways to assist others to better the quality of their lives,
I feel as creative as I can imagine in my life.
Geewon K., Artist

Functional SynthesisSM (FS): One-on-one movement-based lessons that are taught individually and are customized to the client’s particular needs. Gentle and light movements are used by the practitioner to communicate with the client’s brain providing it with the information it needs to discover new, easier, and more efficient patterns of movement, feeling and thought that help eliminate pain, transcend limitations and reach higher levels of performance. The client learns to distinguish between a well-organized movement that is easy and safe to perform and one that is poorly organized and often is injurious and hard to perform. As a result trainees learn easy and effective action in all walks of life, thereby understanding how to transcend limitations and prevent future injury. Sessions are conducted with the client fully clothed, sitting, standing or lying on a specially designed table.

Theory: Lectures relating to the segment topics are taught during each of the segments. Lectures cover topics ranging from current findings in brain plasticity research to basics in Newtonian physics; from basic biology to principles of decision-making under uncertainty conditions. For over 30 years Anat Baniel has been constantly challenging herself to find new ways to make the knowledge and the practice of her method readily and easily accessible to future practitioners. She is known for her ability to clearly articulate and demystify the theoretical basis of the work, yet never compromise on depth, accuracy, richness or complexity. She has found multiple ways of making the work understandable, fun, intriguing, inspiring, and at times challenging and always transformational.

Group Learning: The training is structured to promote building close relationships between the teaching faculty and participants and also among the participants themselves. Most of the learning is done in a group context. The variations among the trainees, each with their unique strengths and life experiences, contribute to the richness of the learning experience. Trainees have the opportunity to build strong bonds and gain friendships and collegial relationships that last well past the training.

ABM Movement LessonsTrainee Private Sessions: During the Practitioner Training Program, each trainee receives individual Functional Synthesis (FS) lessons from the training staff during the ABM Training.

Practicums/Supervision: During the Practitioner Training Program, each trainee teaches a group of movement lessons (TML) twice to their peers, under supervision. During this training, each trainee also gives a supervised, one-on-one session (FS) to two people that are not part of the training program.

During the ABM CE Mastery Workshop: NeuroMovement® for Working with Children With Special Needs, each trainee gives a minimum of two FS sessions to a child with special needs under supervision.

Practice Between Training Sessions:Trainees are encouraged to practice both TML and FS in between training segments. Starting at Segment 5 of the ABM Practitioner Training Program, trainees are given practice assignments in the form of minimum number of practice sessions in both TML and FS they are asked do in between segments, representing themselves as “students in training.”

Immediate Use and Application: The trainees are encouraged to begin practicing what they have learned early on and are provided with teaching materials after each segment. Anat likens her approach to the process of learning a language; she helps her trainees gain access to this new language in a seemingly effortless way.

Video Library: A video library is available during the training for trainees to view videos of materials that were taught during the training. The video materials may be from prior training programs.

The most exciting and interesting thing I’ve ever experienced! I thought meeting 100 people at once would be overwhelming, but I feel at home, welcome and safe. I don’t want to leave.

~Birgit J., ABM Practitioner Trainee and Yoga Instructor

Teaching Materials: After each segment, trainees are provided with written transcripts of the Transformational Movement Lessons and written summaries of the Functional Synthesis teaching to support further learning, for continued assimilation of information, and for future use in their practice. In addition, articles, reading suggestions, and other materials are provided to help the learning process continue between sessions. Anat Baniel’s two books Move Into Life: NeuroMovement® for Lifelong Vitality and Kids Beyond Limits are required reading.

Access to the Training Coordinator and Teaching Staff/Office Hours: Trainees have access to the training coordinator and teaching staff during and between training segments with questions and/or concerns regarding personal or professional training matters. During training segments there are no formal office hours; however trainees can schedule a time to discuss any issues they might have, with an instructor, during breaks or before or after class hours.

Additional Guidance/Tutoring: One-on-one tutoring over and above what is offered during training hours is not encouraged; however, if tutoring is deemed necessary by the instructors, it is available for a fee.

Additional FS Lessons: Trainees may schedule additional one-on-one FS lessons with any of the teaching staff, depending on time availability of the staff.