ABMI Tuition

2019 ABMI Practitioner Training Program

$2,997.00 per segment
(Prepayment of two or more segments is available. Cancellation policy is the same for prepaid segments.)
6 IP segments and 4 OL segments for a total of 10 training segments
2019 ABMI Practitioner Training Total Tuition = $29,970.00 for 100 days of training
Segments are to be paid in full – four weeks prior to the start of a segment. If trainee decides to withdraw from the training, any payments for segments not attended will be refunded as per our cancellation policy.

2019 ABMI Practitioner Training Application Fee
$250.00 Nonrefundable Application Fee
The application fee is applied toward the first tuition payment after acceptance to the training.

2019 ABMI Practitioner Training Deposit
$750.00 Refundable Deposit (Please see Cancellation, Withdrawal, and Refund Policies below.)
Deposit is due upon acceptance to the training program to reserve space in the training and is applied towards the first segment tuition.

Payment Method

Pay the $250 application fee online and get access to the online ABMI 2019 Practitioner Training Application.

If you cannot make these payments online, please contact the ABMI Enrollment Manager at 702-945-6444 or email training@anatbanieltraining.com for more information on other payment methods.

Cancellation, Withdrawal, and Refund Policies
Trainee may withdraw from the training at any time for any reason and will be refunded the prorated amount of days not attended, if under 6 days of the nine or eleven days of that segment, and less a $250.00 cancellation fee.
If trainee has attended in person or viewed online 6 or more days of the segment, there will be no refund.

*Disclaimer: Anat Baniel Method International retains the right to cancel any of the events listed above, change location, change dates, for any reason. In case of cancellation, trainees will receive a full refund of training days paid for, that have not been taught.