ABMNM Practitioners

Apply today to join
our amazing team of ABMNM Practitioners
in a Support Staff position at
 ABMNM Training Segments and earn CEUs

ABMNM Practitioners Come Join our Amazing Support Staff Team

We invite you to apply to be considered for a Support Staff position at an ABMNM Training Segment!

It is a wonderful opportunity to hone and refine your skills as well as earn CEU’s as an Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement Practitioner (you must attend for the full segment to earn ABM CEU’s). Come to work and experience the ABM training again! Dive into ABMNM deeper and learn more! 

Support Staff jobs include (but are not limited to) room layout and organization, running errands, replenishing supplies, camera work, microphone runner, supporting Teaching Staff, running audio/visual panel, daily log transcriber and more.  We look to match you with tasks that you are best at to the best of our ability. 

Are you Interested in Being a Candidate to be an ABMNM Assistant? You must participate as Support Staff first for a full basic and mastery training program!

To inquire about joining our amazing Support Staff team,
Email Breta at Breta@anatbanielmethod.com

ABMNM Practitioners apply now to be considered as a Support Staff* Member for a Training Segment!

We’d Love for You to Join Us!  
Email Breta directly to inquire at Breta@anatbanielmethod.com

There are a limited number of Support Staff positions available for each segment. Some Part-time attendance and full time attendance slots are available, 9-11 days.
Please email Breta directly to apply for a Support Staff position! Breta@anatbanielmethod.com [The previous Inquiry form was malfunctioning and not forwarding inquiries we just discovered. If you filled out a form anytime from September to Dec 31, please email Breta directly now.]
  • ABMNM Basic Training Segment 3:  January 9 – 19, 2020
    • Casino Del Sol, Tucson, Arizona 
  • Children with Special Needs Level 5: Feb 16 – 24, 2020
    • Casino Del Sol, Tucson, Arizona
  • ABMNM Basic Training Segment 5:  March 19 – 29, 2020
    • Casino Del Sol, Tucson, Arizona
  • ABMNM Conference DATE CHANGED April 2-5, 2020
    • San Rafael, CA (a fee for attendance may be required, TBA; Email Breta at Breta@anatbanielmethod.com)
  • ABMNM Basic Training Segment 7:  May 28 – June 7, 2020
    • Casino Del Sol, Tucson, Arizona 

Benefits And Learning Opportunities

  • Be a part of a dynamic supportive team
  • No training costs
  • Refine and upgrade your skills
  • Participate in TMLs and FS practice with another Support Staff practitioner when not assigned a job duty (as space permits)
  • The first two days of segments 3,5,7,9 and 10, are a Review of the previous online segment
  • Listen live to Anats’ amazing lectures
  • Meet new colleagues, meet up with classmates and network
  • Observe TMLs, FS demos and FS practices, improve your skills and explorations of relationships
  • Shadow a trainer in a small group and participate in their activities when not assigned a Job Duty
  • Observe teaching staff give FS lessons

  • During Basic Training segments, as time permits, two evenings of 1.5 hours of Supervision Group are offered at no cost for Support Staff and Teaching Staff on a variety of topics led by Deb Loest Deppe**
  • Access to the available video library of the days when you attend as Support Staff for 9 or 11 days you attend 
  • Take home digital recordings of the segments TMLs (bring your own flashdrive)
  • Access to the next online segment when you attend 9 or 11 days as Support Staff
  • Access to weekly scheduled Conference Calls during the next online training segment with a small group leader and/or Anat when you attend 9 days or more
  • Receive current TML and FS notes in digital format
*To attend as Support Staff, you must have graduated the training that you plan to attend.
** Contact Deb Loest Deppe for Supervision Group dates and times for a specific segment: dldeppe@tidepool.com

I attended the PCW in Boulder, Colorado as support staff. On a personal level I was extremely moved by the rapid transformation that the children and parents went through.  By applying the Nine Essentials, they were better able to connect with their children and open doors to new experiences.   As a practitioner I witnessed a level of leadership from the teachers that unlocked new possibilities in my own practice.  The teaching staff was top notch and provided me with superb role modeling.  Even though I have completed the ABM practitioner training, The PCW helped me see the great power and depth of the Nine Essentials in a richer way.
—Tera Palmer, ABM NeuroMovement Practitioner