What Is Brain Plasticity and Why Is It Important?

Brain Plasticity Science: The Study of How the Brain Changes

Brain plasticity, also known as neuroplasticity, is the brain’s ability to change for better or worse, at any age. This remarkable ability for the brain to change has major impacts on learning, moving, thinking, and performing.

The exciting news about neuroplasticity:

  • We are all capable of getting better at any point in our lives (as children or adults).

  • The birth of NEW brain cells can occur in adults, as well as children, something believed impossible not too long ago.

  • If you do the “right” things with your brain, you will live a longer, better, healthier life.

  • Using effective tools for positive brain change, the brain will “rewire” itself to bypass damaged areas and recover many of the functions it lost, way beyond what is believed to be possible.

Michael Merzenich Discusses Brain Plasticity and Transformation

Dr. Michael Merzenich affirms:  You have been given a great gift….the gift to change and transform yourself. Brain plasticity is always with you as a resource to make your life better.

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Brain Plasticity Science Provides the Foundation for NeuroMovement®

Brain plasticity science is the study of how brain change happens and the outcomes that take place as a result of this change. According to Dr. Michael Merzenich, the “father” of brain plasticity science:

“Gray matter can actually shrink or thicken; neural connections can be forged and refined or weakened and severed. Changes in the physical brain manifest as changes in our abilities.”

For example, when you learn a new skill, your brain changes, and new neural pathways are created. In the same way, if you begin forgetting things, it means that the neural pathways connected to those memories have been weakened or do not exist anymore.

Using specialized movements and practical techniques that tap into the power of your brain to change, Anat Baniel has developed what she calls NeuroMovement® and the 9 Essentials. This Method and these tools are based upon brain plasticity principles. View the supporting research for NeuroMovement.

NeuroMovement® Helps to Upgrade the Functioning of the Brain

NeuroMovement® helps to upgrade the functioning of the brain itself to become a more skilled brain.

“The human brain is incredibly plastic.
It changes itself extremely rapidly through
its experiences of movement throughout life.”

—Anat Baniel

With a better, stronger brain, positive changes occur in both children and adults, often making the seemingly impossible possible. People learn to move with more ease, overcome pain, think and problem solve, and reach new levels of physical, emotional, and cognitive performance.

Discover all the ways that you can experience NeuroMovement.

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NeuroMovement: Movement Is the Language of the Brain

A Better Brain = A Better Life

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