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“Super inspiring! I feel I am on a path towards
fulfillment and leaving worries behind.
I learned way more than I thought possible
and am ‘hungry’ for more.”

—Robyn R., Practitioner Trainee

When participating in the Anat Baniel Method® International (ABMI) Practitioner Training Program, you will immerse yourself in a comprehensive experiential process. As a result, while you learn how to work with others, you will experience profound changes in yourself on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Through hundreds of hours of NeuroMovement lessons, lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on practice, you will find yourself changing and transforming for the better, in the same way you learned and changed as a child.

Every one of the graduates from previous Practitioner Trainings has a remarkable personal story of transformation to tell.

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In the video below, Paige, a graduate of the Practitioner Training Program, speaks about the impact of the experience empowering her to do meaningful work; heal her pain, anxiety, and insomnia; learn how to learn; and connect with others.

The ABMI Practitioner Training Program provides a unique opportunity for remarkable growth and positive changes on a personal level while acquiring a new profession or taking your current profession to the cutting edge.

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What Will Your Personal Story of Transformation Be?

Our trainees all experience profound transformation in themselves in all respects. Many of our graduates say that even though they came to the training to become practitioners, as important, if not more so for them, is who they have become as people.

It is hard to imagine the kind of changes and benefits that you will experience as a result of participating in the potent learning process that this training provides. The scope of personal benefits from this training program is very wide.

Trainees Experience:

  • Increased flexibility and strength–physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual

  • Acquisition of exciting new movement and mental skills

  • Healing from old injuries and traumas

  • Relief from back, neck, joint, and other physical pain

  • Growing freedom from limiting old beliefs

  • A powerful new relationship with their bodies

  • Increased clarity and freedom in thinking

  • Improved health, greater vitality, and well-being

  • Enhanced creativity and discovery of expression and authentic self

  • Full, vibrant, and exciting lives

While our NeuroMovement® Practitioner Training Programs are geared towards people who are committed to learning and becoming Practitioners of the Method, we also make available a limited number of spaces for those wishing to participate for their own benefit.

If you want to upgrade your movement, your thinking, your memory, your life, and your basic relationship to yourself, we invite you to take the leap and join us in this life-changing training.

The training will give you the tools to continually awaken and develop your brain, which in turn will empower you to pursue many new opportunities in your life. As this work helps your brain form new connections and patterns, you may feel that this training is the best anti-aging process you could hope for.

We encourage you to seriously consider this opportunity to discover the world of possibilities with ABMTM NeuroMovement®.

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