A pediatric physical therapist and graduate speaks about how she has found a way to life life. She has found freedom that is endless and sees the impossible as possible!

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their personal and professional transformations.

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Professionals from a Variety of Fields Share Their Experience with the Practitioner Training Program

“My work is transforming from ordinary to extraordinary right before my eyes. My clients are excited about what they are LEARNING. The children are rolling over and crawling and coming up to sit, the musicians are making changes, and the elderly are so vibrant and happy about being able to move with more ease. YEA. I feel good; my ribs and back are moving as never before and I am happy to go to work. For generating all of this….I thank you.”

—Judith D., Feldenkrais Practitioner & Practitioner Trainee

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Parents of Children with Special Needs Share Their Experience with the Practitioner Training Program

“For the first time, doctors are starting to see that what we are doing is different but extremely powerful. The orthopedist can’t believe how well my son is doing. We had to take the training.”

—Michael H, Practitioner Trainee and father of an 8-year-old with an anoxic brain injury

Learn about our ABMTM Continuing Education Mastery Workshops – NeuroMovement®: Working with Children with Special Needs.

Leanne, a graduate, mother of a child with special needs, and dancer recovering from a major hip injury speaks about her transformation while completing the ABM NeuroMovement® Training Program.

Watch more video testimonials from our graduates who are also parents of children with special needs.

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Jessie, who has neurological challenges, has found this work to be very helpful with her condition. She affirms: It is the smartest work she has ever done.

Watch more video testimonials from our graduates who share their personal transformations.

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Students and Graduates Share Their Experience with the Practitioner Training Program

“This segment really clicked for me. Since I’ve been home, I worked with my niece, who had a car bump her knee which was still bothering her. She is now pain free. I am giving a half-day in-service on the ABM to my department of Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists. I get excited every time I even begin speaking about this method.”

—Patti V., Physical Therapist

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ABMTM NeuroMovement® Graduates and Practitioners Share Their Experiences with This Method

“I was invited to work at the Scandinavian Center of  Neurodevelopmental Movement…and give lessons to children ranging from 2 years of age to 7….It was inspiring to see all the children learn quickly and begin making the impossible possible. I was able to witness a child stand up from the ground after a lesson, another boy able to open his hands for the first time and  lay, another child use his right arm for the first time to wave, fish, and give his mother a hug. One child was able to recognize objects and verbalize what each of them was on command. These are some of the highlights and every child transformed with  ABM.”

—Jon Martinez, ABM NeuroMovement Practitioner 

Read the story of Ann, one of our Practitioners, and her amazing transformation: ABM NeuroMovement Training Is Profoundly Life-Changing.

Juan Carlos Concha, a doctor of Osteopathy from Spain, speaks about the transformation in his life and career as a result of taking the Anat Baniel Method® International Training.

Watch more video testimonials from our graduates
sharing their transformations from this program.

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